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Massena Extraction

May 31, 2018

Dental extractions in Massena

Massena extraction

It's sometimes possible to prevent the need for a dental extraction, and it's definitely possible to replace the lost tooth. Here at Zysik Dental, we do everything we can to help you keep your natural teeth for life. But when there is no other option left, count on comfortable, gentle, expert removal of your tooth.

It's not ideal to lose a tooth, because you are left with empty space instead. Now your smile is marred by the missing tooth, or if it is in the back, your chewing is no longer as efficient as it used to be. Your other teeth may start to shift. If that happens, you'll wind up having discomfort, and your jaws may fall out of alignment with each other. So you can be certain that our Massena extraction is only done when absolutely necessary. You don't have to worry about the procedure, though. You'll be numbed sufficiently with local anesthesia. As a result, there should be no pain as the tooth is being taken out. Depending on the condition of the tooth, and the location of it, our dentist may perform our Massena extraction by taking the tooth out in pieces. This will have no negative effect on you, however. Upon completion of the procedure, you'll be given some basic and helpful guidelines to follow. The goal is to ensure maximum healing quickly, and to keep you optimally comfortable. Among the advice is eating a soft diet for the first 24 hours, using over-the-counter pain relievers and ice packs, and rinsing frequently with warm salt water. Once you have recovered fully, you can consider replacement options for the lost tooth.

For skilled care, reach out to our office and let us set up a prompt appointment for you to come in for our Massena extraction.

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