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Root Canal Massena New York

February 28, 2017

Root Canal in Massena New York

Root Canal Massena New York

If you are experiencing extreme pain in a tooth, or a tooth is painful when you eat something that is hot or cold, you probably need to have a root canal treatment. At Zysik Dental, our dentist, Dr. Edmund Zysik, can provide you with a root canal Massena New York which will most likely be able to save life of your tooth.

Happily, root canal procedures are effective in saving teeth in over 90% of cases. However, since a root canal treatment is more successful the earlier it is performed, it is important to make an appointment to come in and see our dentist at the earliest sign of tooth pain. If after careful examination our dentist determines that you need to have a root canal Massena New York, you will be happy to know that this treatment can be performed while you remain in total comfort in our dentist’s chair. When the pulp found in the center of the tooth is either infected or damaged, a root canal procedure will need to be performed. Problems with tooth pulp can be caused by a cracked tooth, a cracked filling, excessive tooth decay, or even trauma to the tooth. During the root canal, our dentist will remove all infected and damaged pulp from the interior of the tooth, and the tooth and the root canal system will be thoroughly cleaned and sealed; this will be done to prevent any further infection from occurring. Generally, after a root canal treatment is performed, our dentist will need to provide you with a dental crown to additionally protect and restore the tooth to its full function. Teeth that have undergone successful root canal treatment are as likely to stay permanently intact in your mouth as any other tooth is.

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