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November 30, 2015

Causes and prevention of pediatric dental decay

Potsdam pediatric dentist

Tooth decay and cavities happen when bacteria and sugars create acids that eat away at the tooth. Many parents today aren’t aware that their children can easily be the culprit of tooth decay due to what’s in their bottles. Drinking milk through a bottle for long periods of time as well as sip cups that contain sugary drinks can also cause cavities. Because the child usually either sleeps or sips on a bottle or sip cup for a longer period of time, they are at risk for more exposure to tooth decay. To make sure your child is on the right path to a healthy, cavity smile, we recommend you schedule a comprehensive checkup with our Potsdam pediatric dentist at Zysik Dental.

In order to prevent cavities, it’s best to limit sugary foods and drinks in your child’s diet. Our Potsdam pediatric dentist recommends that children eat food and drink containing sugar quickly so that their exposure is lessened. Instead of using a sip cup, give children beverages in a plastic cup or glass, and do not let children fall asleep with bottles that contain milk or sugary beverages, only water. Candy and sweets should also be limited, and after each meal be sure your child brushes their teeth and encourage daily flossing. For children three and under, only a small amount of toothpaste is needed. At three years of age and over, they can be given larger amounts. A pea-sized portion is usually enough to use for daily brushing and to get the proper amount of fluoride needed to protect the teeth from future cavities.

When you make your child’s first appointment with our Potsdam pediatric dentist, we will first do an oral examination to check for cavities or potential trouble areas. If any cavities are found, we will then recommend that a filling be done over the cavity to heal the area and prevent further decay. After the initial filling, we recommend that your child come back for an appointment and cleaning every six months to check on the tooth as well as ensure that brushing and flossing habits are enforced.

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