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Dental Implants in Massena

June 2, 2015

Teeth Replacement in Massena

Missing teeth can impact many aspects of a person’s life including their ability to both eat and speak properly. Additionally, patients have shared feelings of lower self-esteem and may go out of their way to ensure they do not allow their imperfect smile be seen or photographed. Also of concern is the possibility the surrounding natural teeth will shift out of place without the support of all adult teeth. If you are missing teeth for whatever reason, consider an examination and consultation at Zysik Dental for dental implants in Massena. The first step in the process is to receive professional determination that your condition, oral health and desired end results are all in alignment for you to be an ideal candidate for dental implants.

Following your examination for dental implants in Massena by Zysik Dental, our extensively experienced and highly trained professionals will conduct a thorough consultation allowing you and your dentist the opportunity to gain more information and insights. We are focused on not only providing you with a dental service that will result in a more esthetically pleasing smile, but want to be sure you fully understand the process involved. Implants typically consist of two basic parts; the root which is usually constructed of a titanium based material and the crown or exposed portion which acts as your artificial tooth. In order to appear most natural, the size and shape of your replacement tooth is carefully considered. The details of the time required for your appointments as well as the specifics involved for your dental implants will be discussed during your office visit.

Once the procedure for your dental implants in Massena has been completed and you are fully healed, we recommend continued regular dental appointments for examinations with professional cleanings. Caring for your natural teeth and gums remains paramount. Your new implants will be strong, durable and provide the same level of chewing, biting and speaking function as your natural teeth. To begin, contact one of our personable and knowledgeable professionals to schedule your initial appointment. Additionally, please feel free to ask about additional dental services we offer, participating insurance providers and any other questions you may have as a new patient. We look forward to meeting with you soon to ensure you have a brilliant smile for a lifetime.

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