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January 30, 2015

Tooth Decay Treatment in Massena

If you have a damaged tooth, or teeth, you will probably want to set up an appointment to visit your Massena dental office, Zysik Dental. Drs. Edmund Zysik, Jr. and Jonathan Zysik will be happy to treat all members of your family, young and old, and provide them with the finest dental care. Their goal is help all of their patients have a beautiful bright smile. If a patient comes to them with tooth decay, the problem can often be easily solved by providing a dental filling for the tooth. However, there are times when people have a tooth with excessive decay, or a damaged tooth, that requires a more involved treatment.

At your Massena dental office, Zysik Dental, your dentist will be able to provide the best course of action for a damaged or severely decayed tooth. Sometimes a tooth can be saved by the dentist performing root canal therapy for the tooth. This procedure involves removing the damaged or infected inner pulp of the tooth, clearing out all bacteria and debris, and sealing the tooth. It may be that a dental crown is added on top of the tooth to help protect the tooth and allow the patient to chew more comfortably. Root canals can be very effective in saving damaged teeth. Your dentist will be able to advise you if root canal therapy can save your damaged or decayed tooth. This procedure can be done using only local anesthesia. You will not experience any discomfort.

Sometimes a patient’s tooth is too decayed, or too damaged to be saved. At this point, you will be able to have your tooth extracted at your Massena dental office, Zysik Dental. A tooth extraction is actually a simple surgical procedure, and only requires the use of a local anesthesia. After the decayed or damaged tooth is removed, you have several options open to replace the missing tooth. The most popular procedure performed in this case, at Zysik Dental, is providing a dental implant. A dental implant consists of two portions: the titanium root that is surgically implanted into your jaw bone, and the porcelain crown that is permanently attached to the root. The great benefit of having a dental implant is that the resulting tooth looks and functions just like a natural tooth: it is completely comfortable, you can eat anything you want, and it will not interfere with your speech. If you would like more information on any of these procedures just make an appointment today to come visit us. We will be able to help you restore or replace your decayed or damaged tooth.

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