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September 28, 2015

Hogansburg Dental Restorations

Living with missing teeth can be stressful. Not only may you feel more self conscious about your appearance when smiling or speaking, but everyday activities like eating and talking can become increasingly more difficult. Gaps in your smile can be an inconvenience and can actually put a lot of stress on your bite which can cause further complications down the road. If you are looking to fill out your smile and restore it to its previous state, then don’t hesitate to call our Hogansburg general dentist here at Zysik Dental.

Dentist in Hogansburg

There are plenty of ways to fill out your smile, but it all depends on your exact need. Here at Zysik Dental, our Hogansburg general dentist, Dr. Edmund Zysik, is here to help work with you to figure out the best solution. Dr. Zysik will first meet with you for a consultation and initial exam. During this exam, Dr. Zysik will examine your mouth and gums to get a feel for what dental replacement method will work best for you. If you are missing few teeth, then a dentl bridge may be the best option for you. Dental bridges can be either removable or fixed and may depend on your exact situation. Dental bridges are inserts that use surrounding teeth to anchor into your mouth and fill in your bite. These appliances can come in a variety of styles but they all depend on how many teeth you are missing and where they are located. Typically, a dental bridge will use a dental cap as an anchor for the surrounding teeth. Theses caps or crowns are then attached to artificial teeth that will be located where your missing teeth once were. These devices can help fill out your smile and restore your bite.

With the insertion of a dental bridge, you will no longer have to feel self conscious about smiling or speaking and you can eat again with ease. Our Hogansburg general dentist, Dr. Zysik is here at Zysik Dental for consultations and regular visits, no matter what your dental health needs, so that he can bring you the most comprehensive and personalized treatment possible.

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