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February 28, 2014

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Are you striving to develop healthy habits with your young son or daughter? No matter how well behaved your child may be, working to instill healthy habits at a young age can be a difficult task to accomplish. Healthy teeth are a necessity at any age. Despite what many of us believe about primary teeth, their health and beauty is just as important as the permanent teeth that will later replace them, as the health of young teeth directly effects that of the teeth your child will smile with for the rest of their lives. To insure your son or daughter grows into a healthy smile for life, be sure to visit the experts at your local Rooseveltown dentist of Zysik Dental to find out how pediatric dental cleanings and exams can make all of the difference in beautiful and healthy smiles.

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Believe it or not, children need to be visiting their trusted Rooseveltown dentist at an early age and on a regular basis in order to protect teeth from the damages of decay and disease. While many of us may believe that teeth cannot possibly in danger at such a young age, the truth is that the diets and habits our children go through as early as six months of age actually put teeth at an even greater threat to cavities than at any other point in their lives. The moment your child grows their first tooth, usually at around six months of age, your child is ready for their very first dental visit. Your child’s initial examination establishes an important baseline that allows your doctor to treat any case of childhood tooth decay as needed.

Pediatric dental health care allows your child to receive the extra attention that young smiles need in order to stop tooth decay and disease from harming their mouths. Fluoride is the only mineral currently known that is proven to protect against cavities by actually working to strengthen teeth and regrow enamel. This treatment is vital to the health of young smiles and adult teeth alike, but while fluoride rinses are available over the counter, they should never be used without the consent of your professional Rooseveltown dentist. Our doctors work to insure your child receives just the right amount of fluoride to strengthen teeth and insure a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at your neighborhood Rooseveltown dentist are the family focused dental care team you can count on to care for smiles of any age. At Zysik Dental we are proud to work with patients of any age. Our goal is to make pediatric dental care fun and educational for your children, making it easier to develop healthy habits for a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

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