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January 24, 2014

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Usually, if we aren’t feeling any pain or discomfort, we don’t think about how our jaws are aligned or how we bite. At Zysik Dental, we explain to all of our patients that finding the most appropriate solutions to fix tooth and jaw alignment problems is the best way to prevent teeth from further damage. Tooth and jaw alignment problems need to be fixed as soon as symptoms appear because when left untreated, a more serious dental problem can develop. Not having an exam at our Massena orthodontics office may either worsen an undetected health problem or cause you to spend thousands of dollars for a much more complicated dental procedure.

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This kind of specialized dental work falls under cosmetic dentistry, or more commonly known as orthodontic dentistry, so when you suspect bite or jaw alignment problems in your family, you know who to turn to. The doctors at our Massena orthodontics office has been providing the best solutions for tooth position adjustments, fixing all types of bite and jaw alignment problems. Crossbite, overbite and underbite are just three of the most common terms used by orthodontists to describe alignment problems.

Braces can definitely correct underbites if the level of the underbite is small enough. More severe underbites, however, often require surgery to fix the jaw bones around the mouth. The experts at our Massena orthodontics office know that crooked, misaligned teeth not only affect your bite, but interfere with proper chewing, but make brushing and flossing difficult as well. It is very important to fix these teeth to avoid further risk of tooth decay and accumulation of plaque. Our orthodontists use braces to make tooth position adjustments slowly, back to their original alignment. They not only straighten your crooked teeth, helping with jaw re-alignment, but correct dental health and function. Whether your teeth are crooked or crowded, or your upper and lower jaws are out of alignment, the goal of our Massena orthodontics is to fix the problem. Braces apply constant pressure on each tooth in the desired direction and the pressure will be adjusted during follow up visits. These adjustments allow us to control the slow movement of the teeth until the misalignment is corrected. Braces are a very effective way to address your crooked teeth problem and will give you the healthy results you deserve.

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