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June 11, 2013

Potsdam Dental Office

No one wants to get cavities. Tooth decay and cavities are no fun, so avoid them by knowing the most common causes. Here at our Potsdam dental office, we’ll do everything possible to help you avoid those nasty cavities, but if you do get one then you can be assured that Zysik Dental is the place to go for the proper professional treatment.

Potsdam Root Canal Therapy

Our dentists, Dr. Edmund Zysik, Jr. and Dr. Jonathan Zysik, are committed to your dental health. So how can our Potsdam dental office help you to maintain your dental health? Step one is knowing why tooth decay and cavities occur in the first place. Tooth decay often starts with no obvious symptoms and no pain. Bacteria, which feed on certain sugars in your foods and beverages, causes erosion of your tooth enamel, which is the hard surface of your teeth. If not addressed, the decay progresses further. In addition, plaque - which is the result of that bacteria combined with acids, food remnants, and your own saliva - forms on the surface of your teeth. Dental plaque is acidic and it causes small openings in your tooth enamel.

Beyond the hard surface of your tooth enamel is a more soft and vulnerable layer of your teeth. This is known as the dentin. Plaque and bacteria eventually find their way down to the part of your teeth where the nerves and blood vessels are. This can result in an infection which you will feel as a typical toothache and/or sensitivity. If your immune system responds to this infection, you can wind up with an abscess. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to a root canal or a tooth extraction. Our Potsdam dental office is in the business of seeing that you never reach that point thanks to our preventative treatments such as fluorides and dental sealants.

If however, you do find yourself in the unpleasant position of needing further treatment, Zysik Dental provides composite fillings of resin and ceramic which are strong and durable. Your local Potsdam dental office also offers root canal procedures when necessary. You can feel confident that Dr. Zysik will do everything possible to make the process as comfortable as possible. About 90% of root canals are successful, so relax and let Zysik Dental help you.

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