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October 28, 2013

Fort Covington Dentist

Are you noticing mild aches within your smile that act up when you enjoy a slice of your favorite pie, or a small bowl of ice cream to get your fix of sweets? You could be dealing with far more than a minor annoyance, in fact, these tooth aches are often a symptom of a developing cavity from within your smile. However, treatments for the damages of tooth decay are nothing to be nervous about. In fact, todays fillings from your local Fort Covington dentist can actually give you a more beautiful smile even as they treat your cavities. When you need dental fillings that you will truly smile about, patients need look no further than the advanced and welcoming offices of Zysik Dental.

Dental Fillings Fort Covington

The latest advances in dental technology have crafted fillings to effectively treat dental decay that are truly a thing of beauty. If you are allergic to metals commonly associated with metal fillings, such as silver or amalgam, or are simply requiring treatment for a tooth that is in plain sight, you can get the care you need as well as brighter smile through the use of tooth colored dental fillings from your professional Fort Covington dentist. Cosmetic dental fillings have many of us balking about the fear of prices, but in fact composite resin fillings can be a perfectly affordable choice that work perfectly for the teeth we see most. The front facing teeth in are smiles exude less bite force than any other in our mouth, making resin fillings the perfect choice for these teeth. Composite resin fillings or crafted from a mixture of dental plastics that can be hardened to match the color of any smile, and are the shaped, molded, and polished to give you the look of your natural teeth, while stopping tooth decay in its tracks.

For teeth that exude bite forces, or simply for a more durable and resilient filling, porcelain cosmetic fillings can give you all of the benefits of resin fillings, with a few others that make porcelain the leading choice in cosmetic dental material today. Not only is porcelain stronger than resin and therefor able to withstand greater bite forces, but porcelain is actually more resistant to staining than your own teeth, so you never have to worry about your favorite wine or necessary caffeine fix having any harm on your new dental work from your trusted Fort Covington dentist.

Our team at Zysik Dental are much more than your average general dentist. Our state of the art and family operated Fort Covington dentist specializes in advanced care methods, such as laser dentistry, and cosmetic dental fillings for your smile. Whether you’re a resin filling for front facing teeth, or would like to have your metal fillings replace, Zysik Dental can work with you to give you a smile that is as healthy as it is beautiful.

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